Damage Over Time

by dot.darkness

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jeff appleton Quality 80s synth styles with turn of the century guitar crunch. Beautiful vocals and expertly crafted songs make this extremely addictive listening. Favorite track: detour[ ].
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Damage Over Time is the first original EP by dot.darkness, excluding two previous albums of the Christmas variety. As a result, it marks a very important moment in dot.darkness history. While pushing out one remix, cover song, or single after the other is tons of fun, such a variety of tracks doesn't quite get to the core of the band. It was awesome to stumble across a Charizard card as a kid, but you weren't cool unless you had a Venusaur and a Blastoise to complete the set. Damage Over Time is the result of several months of work, and reveals the less-cynical edge of the band, resulting in sweet beats and many feels. It really is the first "complete set" we've had the pleasure of releasing to you fine ladies and gentlemen. Dark 80's electronica vibes form the creamy nougat center, and a healthy topping of chiptunes, funk, and electric guitars round out the rest. Josh's smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and provoking lyrics are the tall glass of milk to wash it down.


released February 14, 2014

Josh Sheehy: Vocals, production
Colin Hemphill: Guitar, production

Additional vocals on strangelove and detour[ ] by Justin Sheehy (bluelightaxiom).

All songs are licensed by dot.darkness in the year 2014 under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.




dot.darkness Texas

dot.darkness is pronounced dot-dot-darkness. This duo became a "thing" in Nashville when electronic wizard Josh Sheehy and rock ninja Colin Hemphill teamed up. Influenced by classic video games, guitars, 80's synthpop, modems, car alarms, gunshots, and paper shredders, they just make things up as they go along. No one really knows what it is, but sometimes it comes out sounding like music. ... more

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Track Name: Strangelove
In the rain soak
Tried and misspoke
Color brimming in my eyes
Skip the tear duct
Leave it taped shut
Sweat these thoughts into the sky

We were never here
Never stood palms bare
Taking in the words of the
Tongue tied
You had never sung
Gazing down a sincere gun
Words your father scribed

Take this cold hard ground
and I will stay here.

We were never here
Never beat, teeth bared
Reeling in the words of the
Tongue tied
We had never sung
Gazing down a sincere gun
Words your father scribed

Take this cold hard ground
And I will stay here
Love and hope in sound
To decay here

Everybody knows.
Know better.
Track Name: detour[ ]
Take a matter of time into your hands
Sick for all reflection's sake
You make up all your plans
We'll be walking alone
Through neighborhood detours

I've been whispering troubles to myself
Trying to fit my fingers through the memories I regret
As your favorite song turns in your head
Wide awake, fractured sounds escape mine
And we're

Cutting words out
Pasting thoughts in
Cutting words
Pasting anything but conversation

Sorry, I might repeat myself
You're a crowd and I've been known to run
My points on stealth
I've been sleeping alone
Twirl your fingers through my hair

You can ask love
I really don't mind
You can speak
Just a little unkind
I'm boat rocked
In spite of your brine
I'm a misquote
To float on your sine
You're setting
And I'm settling in
Track Name: Morlocked
Your eyes on the headlights
Making islands where the shadows go
You know me by my first name
You tell me what I don't know

Wind in your voice
Blood in my hands
Matching lines without noise
And the ground recedes again

Clawing for the light of the sun
Track Name: Bruma
You think you've got the right to bend
But you don't even like the trends
You say you've seen them make the stars
But you won't even suspect them

They say you've got the right to move
But you won't even play the suit
They say your father would fight the moon
But you won't even reflect him

The colder seasons have set in
All more the reason to step in my head
And your believing is stretched thin
But it soothes how new is the stream we stepped in